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The 90 Degree Hammock is unique in that you lie in a right angle (90 degrees) to the suspension axis of the hammock. This makes for a super comfortable recline and sleeping with a flat lay, even on your side! It solves two age old hammock design issues that may be holding some people back from using hammocks altogether: The banana lay and the cold back, which can be a challenge in colder areas. And, it is guaranteed no tip!

The 90 Degree Hammock comes in several versions for many different purposes and preferences; and can be combined with our state of the art ultralight 90 Degree Tarp-Tent. This converts the hammock into an all around shelter system for camping pretty much everywhere, even without any trees!

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Note: not all models are equipped with all of these features. Please see the "products" section.

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90 Degree Hammock

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90 Degree Tarp-Tent

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Press and reviews

The Ultimate Hang

"This hammock has all the fit and finish of a high-end commercial product, but has the feel and love of a cottage vendor."

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Aargauer Zeitung

"Zelt war gestern: Diese Hängematte lässt einen draussen wie ein Baby schlafen."

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